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Delivering excellent results

At Pinnacle Sales and Management we appreciate that retail and commercial property transactions require particular focus and dedication. We are confident in our ability to deliver excellent results to our clients.

We believe in the importance of building lasting professional relationships with our clients and can promise constant customised support.

Our commercial and retail property team has intimate knowledge of market trends and conditions, allowing them to advise on all areas and in all types of commercial and retail property.

We offer a complete range of commercial property services including buying, selling, leasing and management.

Whether you are a landlord, tenant, investor or owner our commercial property team is one you can trust and is able to assist with all your commercial property needs.


Pinnacle Sales and Management sell all types of commercial and industrial property including:

  • Offices

  • Industrial Warehouses and workshops

  • Showrooms

  • Retail Shops


Properties such as this can be sold as leased investments or with vacant possession.

We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional sales service to our clients throughout the commercial sale or acquisition process.

Please contact one of our team members to discussion your commercial property requirements.


Pinnacle Sales and Management believes strategic and comprehensive commercial asset management can have a significant positive impact on your investment.

Effectively managing commercial, industrial and retail property requires a manager who is dedicated to their clients and is driven by a desire to continually achieve optimal performance of the client’s asset.

Our main management goals are to:

  • Increase the value of our clients’ assets and portfolios

  • Shift the stresses and responsibilities that come with being an owner of a commercial investment from the owner to a dedicated property manager.

We achieve these goals by:

  • Insisting on the need for well-structured and strategic lease agreements which will ensure that your investment not only retains value but has growth

  • Consulting with you in relation to your investment goals and developing a management plan that aligns with these needs

  • Thorough building maintenance and service inspections to ensure steady capital appreciation as well as tenant satisfaction

  • Ensuring effective communication between all parties to the transactions

  • Liaising not not only the Lessors and Lessees, but working closely with our clients lawyers and accountants to ensure we achieve the best possible management outcome and as a result reduce additional work for our landlords

  • Having a thorough understanding of all legislative requirements concerning leasing of commercial property

  • Concise final reporting and evaluations

  • Delivering innovative marketing campaigns


Pinnacle Sales and Management delivers successful and comprehensive leasing solutions which meet the objectives of our clients.

Effectively leasing commercial, industrial and retail property requires a leasing agent who is dedicated to their clients and is driven by a desire to continually achieve optimal performance of the client’s asset.

We believe the key to successful commercial property leasing includes the following:

  1. Ability to nurturing relationships with our landlords and having an intimate understanding of their businesses; and

  2. Good tenant selection resulting in stable tenancies to achieve maximum return on our clients’ investments. We are dedicated to the search for new, suitable, long term tenants.


Our leasing team has a thorough understanding of local market trends and property values and will assist you in your leasing needs by:

  • Consulting with you to understand your investment goals and developing a marketing strategy that aligns with these needs

  • Liaising with your managers, lawyers and accountants so far as may be necessary in relation to all leasing transactions

  • Leasing your commercial property quickly

  • Achieving maximum rent for your property

  • Guide you through the complex leasing process

  • Effectively advertise & market your property

  • Reduce vacancy rates

Please contact one of our team members to discuss your commercial lease requirements.

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